Hello… World?

Let’s just flog that horse a little more shall we?

By the way, this blog will have next to nothing to do with programming, despite starting with a Hello World.

My name is Andrew, A.K.A caffeine_addict, and I have a chronic sleep condition called Idiopathic Hypersomnia.  It means I’m bloody sleepy and they don’t know why. For example, after 8 hours sleep I can then proceed to fall asleep within 1 minute, anytime I want.  Not only that, but if I do the same task for longer then 30 minutes I also fall asleep, including driving, talking, and GMing Pathfinder (D&D for cool people :P).

Despite this, I live a relatively normal life, and have a strong bent towards making things (I am a CNC Machinist by trade), and in a bid to help me be a bit more organised, and being inspired by a friend’s similar efforts, I’ve decided to try this whole blogging thing again.

To that end, this blog will contain posts with the results of research binges, occasional build logs when I actually have the energy to make something, and most likely a whole lot of nothing, if past efforts are an indicator of future successes.

My interests, and things you’re likely to find here, in no particular order are…

  • Loudspeakers:  I love my music, I love my high fidelity, and I’ve discovered that it is possible to build my own floorstanders.
  • 3D Printers: I want to build two, one an FDM, and the other an SLA of some description.  I also have some thoughts on revolutionising hot-ends and extruders with aforementioned friend that may or may not come to fruition.
  • Aluminium Electric Guitar: I play piano, not guitar, but I fell in love with the idea of crafting my own electric guitar out of a single piece of aluminium, and have already created one.  I have dreams one day of entering into production, but the kinks are many, and my pillow is so comfortable…
  • Alcohol Flavoured Lip Balms:  ’nuff said.
  • A god-like Modular Analogue Synthesizer:  The kind with two bajillion banana leads and a forklift to move it, you know what I’m talking about.
  • Misc. projects of varying genre’s, from metal to wood to electronic.
Finally, if you’re interested at all in miniature painting, check out my other blog, WIP Miniatures, where I try to remember to upload photo’s of my attempts at miniature painting. The models are just models I like the look of, I don’t play war-games, for some reason people get irate when their opponent falls asleep

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